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cupcakes were great!

The cupcakes were great! I brought a dozen for me and my friends to try them all. The owner is Awesome! She’s SO friendly and helpful. Great experience. She had stepped out for something and was apologizing and that made me feel more appreciative of her. If you’re looking for a great cupcake and a friendly face to help you find your flavor… try out Icing on the Cake 😊

Best cupcakes in Bellingham

Best cupcakes in Bellingham, hands down. The owner is SO nice, the last two times I’ve been in she gave me a free cupcake. Incredible customer service. Prices reflect the high quality of her baking. Love!!

frosting was light, fluffy

I had the chocolate mint cupcake. I’m just letting you know, it was the best cupcake I have ever eaten. Moist, soft and the mint frosting was light, fluffy and just the right mint amount. I am excited for tomorrow when I get to eat my chocolate cupcake. The lady who makes the cupcakes was so nice. She was positive and genuine. She even gave me a free pumpkin cookie that I was clearly eyeballing :). Thanks for the yummy treat.

quality of her cupcakes is fantastic

Loved every cupcake I’ve tried. I’ve bought them twice as treats for roommates. The owner is sweet and excellent at what she does. We’ve visited this shop a half dozen times, and the quality of her cupcakes is fantastic. I’ve also made phone orders to surprise/treat my child at WWU. The owner is tremendously kind and obviously takes pride in her product.

Her cakes and pies are in high demand

Definitely the best cupcakes we’ve had. We’ve tried all the ones around Vancouver, BC and these beat them all and we always try to stop by for some of these tasty treats when we’re in Bellingham. The owner is super friendly and passionate about baking. Her cakes and pies are in high demand too but have not tried yet. Call ahead if needing any cakes or pies as she makes them fresh on request. Yum!!!

buy them for all our parties

Consistently the best cupcakes ever. I buy them for all our parties and events and people just rave about how good they are. Great customer service! I’m so happy I found this place.


Possibly the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, with a great selection of flavors.


filling in the middle!

We picked up 4 of the most amazing cupcakes ever! We had to do it cake boss style by taking the bottom off and putting it on top of the frosting and eat them like little hamburgers. Omg!!! There was even filling in the middle! Thank you for making our weekend so fun. The cake pops were also amazing!

Best cupcakes in Bellingham!


Best cupcakes! Gluten-free options too 🙂

Excellent cupcakes. Quality ingredients. Very friendly owner.

will always be fresh

This is a “cupcakes only” shop, while they do also sell a limited number of beverages. They make relatively small batches, so your confection will always be fresh. It seems like they use high quality ingredients, paying especial attention to flavor add-ins such as vanilla, chocolate, lemon etc. A good selection of flavors without getting overly adventurous. The tiramisu cupcake is delicious, and little details like the chocolate covered-espresso bean on top, or dusting of fluer-de-sel on the caramel, are indicative of the level of quality to be expected here.

“The cupcakes call to me day and night”